Escort eurs rapides

We will protect your ship safely. Protect your property from danger.

About Us

Our escort destroyer equipped with highly specialized equipment protects your ship

Escort warships are all made of state-of-the-art materials, so there are no holes. Also, even if you deal with a medium-sized ship, you overwhelm it with size. All of the crew inside are experts and have more than 10 years of experience. Depending on the case, there are various ways to deal with it, and both warships and crew members can cope with any situation.

Protection of cargo ships

The moment the cargo ship is stolen, it suffers tens of millions of dollars in damage. When we escort a cargo ship, we place personnel inside. Therefore, you can give guidelines. Of course, escorts are also conducted outside. Your cargo ship will be safely guided to your destination. One important point is that when threatened, you should follow the instructions of the internal personnel. Of course, it guides you safely and not coercively.

Our service

It depends on the cost, but basically, external escort follows. We have two warships protecting your ship. This is basic. If you raise the level here, you can safely protect your ship from 4 to 6 vessels. Perhaps from a distance, they can’t dare to invade the ship.

Technical advice

We have done everything about the appearance of the ship with the best shipping company in Europe. Also, advanced technology was consulted by Cryptofortrader. Technically, we aim for cutting edge.